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Saturday – 25 June 2011

Okay, so we do have some type of winter here in South Africa… it was -4C this morning. Thats about 25 F for you non-metric people. There is a cold front moving in from Cape Town this weekend. It would not be that bad but you have to remember that there is no heat or air conditioning in the homes here in Johannesburg. We do have portable heaters that can be nice, but the main room has a vaulted ceilings. Just makes more sense to dress warmer and things are pretty tolerable. Next week the highs will be in the 60’s again with lows in the 40’s.

We drove around today, took the family to the main gate of the American International School of Johannesburg (AISJ) and then by Grace Point Church and home. We are going to go to Church next week. This Sunday we are going to going to go to the Rhino and Lion Park outside of town, we will see if the boys want to go in and pet a baby lion tomorrow. Ought to be interesting.

We can home after our drive and the boys and I played games. We played a long game of GOSU a goblin card game and because of the length we quit and started a game of Ticket to Ride… All was good until Ethan figured out he has screwed up his play and lost big time. Oh the tears, things were settled after a quick game of Ticket to Ride on Dad’s iPad.

We ate at Bosco’s tonight with Jerry and Annette Widmer. We had a great evening visiting and some great food the boys were good; as expected.

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  1. Paul Mace says:

    Congratulations on the entire family now being relocated in South Africa. Bob, James and I made a family trip last year, along with the girls, of course. Maybe in the future Aunt Nancy and I can get ove for a visit. Trust you are all well. Love to all.
    Uncle David

  2. Becky Miller says:

    Looking forward to all the exciting stories you will have to share soon.

  3. Becky Miller says:

    Son, I appreciate you setting this up.

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